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February 18, 2015


john woe

Word. Couldn't agree more.

Sandra Lewis

Animals, fish, rodents, etc etc are all so much more important than the human being. (sarcasm). Ridiculous. We are expected to manage and take care of all things lower than us....but they should never be elevated to a position higher than a human being. Remove dams that provide valuable electricity and water storage to many communities, just so the fish can get through? Even though we are in desparate need of that water to perserve the human way of life.

Don Sullivant

Allowing the fresh water to flow into the Pacific is causing calif farmers to shut down to lack of water that used to go to them. Th r e used to not be a problem we had sufficient water even during drought times. But the smelt ( 3"fish) who are so called endangered spices.we will prefer because of the political extremes lobbying for the fish. Loss of jobs, loss of agriculture, stress. All so people can be taken care of by government programs. Welfsre, poverty

Simply Annoyed

How about posting the link to FACTS regarding our drought. The link below confirms that we could be heading to a mega-drought....according to scientist. Has nothing to do with salmon. Has to do with little rainfall and our reservoirs going empty (although we do have decades worth of groundwater left which NASA stated). Yes, according to the article and tree rings, long droughts have been part of California's history. Your article is simply politician bashing. You are one of the reasons why politicians bicker and battle. You are one of the reasons why I went from being a Republican to an independent. http://www.mercurynews.com/science/ci_24993601/california-drought-past-dry-periods-have-lasted-more

Steve Towers

The article in the Bee clearly says that faucets installed before 1994 have inefficient flow rates. Using an inefficient faucet, it says that you can send up to 35 gallons down the drain in 5 minutes. Five minutes at 7 gal/min = 35 gallons.

You seem to think that your experience with your 2-year-old faucet somehow refutes the Bee's math regarding old, inefficient faucets. That's laughable.

Katy, you have a warped notion of what constitutes a lie. Worse, your logic utterly fails you. I understand that you're trying to advocate here on behalf of people who don't like the gummint telling them how to use water, but you're not doing them any favors with nonsense like this.

Mark Camp

No surprises to see the media reporting fiction as 'facts'

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